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Project partners

Within the C-Evil project, partners from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Spain and the Netherlands join forces to develop new learning and training materials on EV chargers in order to fill the gap in electricity education.

CAM Consulting is the Hungarian lead partner, based in Kecskemét and Budapest. 

Kecskemeti SZC Kando Vocational School is the second Hungarian partner, a membering institute of Kecskemet Vocational Training Centre.

Learning Hub Friesland is the Dutch partner, based in the city of Leeuwarden.

Avaca Technologies is the Greek partner, based in the city of Athens.

Ege University is the Turkish partner, based in the coastal city of Izmir.

The Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce is the Slovakian partner, based in Bratislava.

Servicios Extremeños Enseña are the Spanish partner, based in the region of Extremadura.

Colegiul Stefan Odobleja is the Romanian partner, a school based in the city of Craiova.

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