Project outputs

Within the C-Evil project, partners join forces to develop new learning and training materials on EV chargers in order to fill the gap in electricity education. Within the 2-year project, C-Evil will develop the following outputs:

Learning objectives and curriculum

In order to have a complex and thorough training material on EV chargers, articulating the learning objectives and creating instructional strategies are necessary. Partners will identify and define the desired and expected skills, competences and knowledge that will be developed in the project.


Learning Objectives | Learning Methodology | EV Charger Curriculum

‘Train the trainer’ materials

Based on the defined learning objectives, methodology and curriculum, expert and VET partners will prepare and validate the content of the training materials together.

Set of learning materials

At this stage of the project, training content is elaborated, teachers have already been introduced to it, and they have provided feedback and recommendation. In order to facilitate understanding, training material will be adapted in a student and user-friendly way.

Guidelines for stakeholders

EV charger training materials are intended to spread not only in the project partners’ institutions and in their network but also in other organisations in the territory of the European Union. project partners will prepare guidelines for the most important stakeholders: VET institutions, VET teachers and electrical professionals in the participating countries and in Europe.

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