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Development of the C-Evil platform reaching final stage

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

After months of cooperation, our partnership has reached the final stage of development of the C-Evil e-learning platform.

Meanwhile the learning materials, test questions and supporting materials became ready and were translated, the partners could also make preparations for the platform development. AVACA, the IT partner of the C-Evil, who has extended experience in educational platforms, helped us implementing our ideas.

Firstly, the partnership decided on the main structure and functions of the platform based on best practices in the field. Type and learning method of the project results had also been considered while drawing up the framework of the platform. Our aim was to have a user-friendly and transparent tool with innovative solutions.

Based on the first ideas, our IT partner started to build up the platform, and upload the materials. It was an intensive period not only for the developers, but also for the whole partnership as many questions and issues popped up during making that we had to discuss or decide on quickly.

As a beta version became available, project partners could test the platform; not only themselves but also with stakeholders. On one hand, we wanted to identify and eliminate any technical errors or typos on the platform. On the other hand, we wanted to pilot test the platform in real circumstances; i.e., in the classroom with VET students in order to ensure the platform is suitable not only for distance learning but also as an educational tool for VET teachers.

Testing period was successfully implemented, feedbacks of the testers can be found in IO3-T4 document.

Register on the platform and test your knowledge on EV chargers now.



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